DSA 2020 Keynote Speech 2

Safety and Privacy Matter for Human Cyber-Physical Space Systems! How to Build in Dependable Autonomy


More and more applications ask for fully autonomous cyber-physical space systems. These engineered systems will operate with humans on-the-loop. Although autonomy in such systems is generally beneficial, there are many unaddressed challenges inherent in the design. Privacy and safety are most important among others when humans interact with automation. Regulations and constraints on privacy and safety properties are often a blocker for their wider adoption. Dependable autonomy is required to guarantee that the privacy and safety properties are not infringed. But how to elaborate such requirements so that they can be taken into account when developing the functionalities. Along with the previously proposed environment-modeling based requirements engineering, this talk will highlight the issues on the modeling of the privacy and safety requirements, which are the very first concerns of building the dependable autonomy.


Zhi Jin avatar
Professor Zhi Jin China

Peking University

Zhi Jin is a professor of Computer Science at Peking University and the deputy director of Key Lab of High Confidence Software Technologies (MoE) at Peking University. Her research work is primarily concerned with requirements engineering and knowledge-based software engineering. Recently, she pays more attentions on the modeling of self-adaptive systems. She is principle investigators of over 15 national competitive grants including the chief scientist of a national basic research project (973 project) of the MoST of China. She is co-author of four books and author/co-author over 150 journal and conference publications. She was awarded ACM SigSoft Distinguished Paper Award for three times. She serves for IEEE SERVICES 2020 as PC Chair-in-Chief, IEEE RE2016 and KSEM2010 as General Chair, as well as IEEE COMPSAC2011 and KSEM2009 as Program Chair. She serves frequently as PC members for many well-known conferences like ICSE, FSE and RE. She is executive editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Software (2013- ), Associate Editor of IEEE TSE (2018- ) and IEEE TR (2019- ). She also serves in the Editorial Board of JCST (2010- ) REJ (2014- ) and ESEM (2020- ). She is IEEE Senior Member and CCF Fellow.